About Me

1. I have a dog named Ringo.

2. I enjoy Anime

3. I play Baseball.

4. I shoot archery.

5. I do riflery.

6. I play paintball.

7. I play air soft.

8. I play with Nerf blasters.

9. I mod Nerf.

10. I have been to Hawaii.

11. I snowboard.

12. I play video games.

13. I love the snow.

14. I don’t like beaches that much.

15. I built a one thousand dollar gaming computer.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. G’day Kaysan,
    You certainly enjoy sports – lots of sports. I have also been to Hawaii – I loved visiting the volcano areas but didn’t like the humidity.

  2. Hi Kaisan!
    I saw that you like anime, I like anime too. I watch at least 1 anime per week. I suggest you to watch “Diamond no ace” because you like playing Baseball.

    • Hello fatoumataisd19,
      Thanks for the suggestion I’ll be sure to check it out. Also, have you seen Seraph of the End. The producers just started working on season two, so there is enough to watch.

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